35 Questions Liberals Wanted To Ask Conservatives
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35 Questions Liberals Wanted To Ask Conservatives

8 Feb 2017

John Hawkins of Townhall asked:

“I’m doing a Townhall column where I’ll honestly, w/out sarcasm, answer liberal questions to conservatives. Any libs want to ask questions?”

He actually wound up writing a second column as well. I enjoyed both very much, but as I was reading, I found myself thinking about how I would respond to those questions if they had been asked of me. So I decided this would be a golden opportunity to provide another perspective from another conservative. There’s nothing wrong with Hawkin’s answers, but I thought it would be fun, and a good writing exercise to answer each one from my point of view, with my additional thoughts, and in a couple places, where we differ.

I realize there is a huge break between the publishing of many of these. I lost interest after a while and moved onto something else, but I still had the drafts so I decided to would fix them up a bit and finish the series.

This is the index to those questions and my responses:

  1. Do Republicans honestly believe voter fraud is a real issue?

  2. Why are conservatives anti-progress?

  3. How can a Christian deny Arab child refugees?

  4. Why do so many people say Trump isn’t racist?

  5. Doesn’t President Trump alarm you?

  6. How does one square pro-life and anti-welfare?

  7. If conservatives believed in the marketplace of ideas, wouldn’t they want everyone to vote?

  8. Why are conservatives against an investigation of Donald Trump’s Russian ties?

  9. What is up with the obsession some conservatives have with cuckoldry?

  10. Why don’t conservatives care about climate change and the future?

  11. What is the conservative view of Trump’s infrastructure plan?

  12. What would President Trump have to do for me to turn against him?

  13. Do you still believe Trump’s business conflicts won’t be a problem?

  14. Why do Conservatives only trust media that flatters current admin?

  15. Why should we allow Bannon to wield power and influence?

  16. How can a conservative square funding for the wall?

  17. Does it bother you that rich people have the same wealth as the bottom half of the world population?

  18. Why do conservatives assume that black people’s views on society are a result of brainwashing?

  19. Is there any point at which the electoral college/popular vote split would become a concern?

  20. Why are you more comfortable with banning foreigners than banning assault weapons?

  21. Why Are You Afraid of Muslims?

  22. Why don’t women deserve equal pay for equal work?

  23. Why don’t conservatives utter the phrase “voting rights”?

  24. Why do conservatives have a problem mixing smaller government and a competent government?

  25. Are you at all concerned that Trump is undermining our national security?

  26. Will GOP Congress or Trump admin consider a basic universal income?

  27. Can we make grand compromises?

  28. Do you believe Trump will significantly revive the manufacturing industry?

  29. Why doesn’t character matter to you anymore?

  30. At what point do you cease advocating tax cuts?

  31. Why is the religious freedom of an anti-LGBT baker more important than that of a Muslim soldier or physician?

  32. Do you think Christian refugees are more deserving of American assistance than non-Christian refugees?

  33. How do conservatives square 8 yrs of calling Obama a tyrant while supporting an actual tyrant?

  34. Why do you think a lot of conservatives are so receptive to stern father types on cable news and talk radio?

  35. Why do you hate helping people?

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