The Fear of Being Called Phobic

In The Fear of Being Called Phobic, Jim Goad discusses the false phobias plaguing our culture today; the phobias not invented to describe irrational fears, but invented to silence those who oppose the “enlightened” left. And he wants to know:

And who gets to decide which fears are genuine and which are baseless? Is it wrong to be germaphobic if the germs are going to kill you?

And if the germ was going to kill you, it wouldn’t be an irrational fear anymore, but a rational fear. What would that be called? It’s no longer a phobia.

But the fear of being called phobic is real, and it’s rational. Because being labeled phobic can have consequences; particularly homophobic, as seen here, here, and here.

The best thing to do—at least if you want a career and a social life—is to stick your head in a hole and shut the fuck up.

So how about fear of the left? You know, the tolerant, compassionate, “Liberals are better Christian’s than Conservatives” left?

Because they’re the ones pushing faux-phobias down our throats and relishing in the idea of ruining people’s lives for the betterment of society. Because society will be made in an image that they decide, and anyone that gets in their way will be socially and professionally run over. They call themselves Social Justice Warriors, but that’s not accurate. They’re Social Justice Terrorists, because as Jim Goad points out, they push their agenda through fear:

Bullets are nice, but much of political power—maybe most of it—comes from successfully instilling fear and guilt in your opponents.

In that respect, they’re not much different than Islamic terrorists; pushing their agenda through the destruction of those who oppose them.

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