MAGA: An Excuse For Leftist Hate

26 Oct 2019

Leftists are getting more violent, and I believe that it will continue to rise as the right continues to thwart their “progress.” What started as calling supporters of President Trump slanderous names, has escalated into physical violence. And they’re simply being emboldened by the lack of Leftist leadership (Democrat politicians) condemning their actions. Let’s take a look at a couple of highlights from this past summer, when people simply wear a hat that says MAGA, Make America Great Again.


Vans employee fired for allegedly cursing at MAGA hat-wearing teen

A Vans shoe store employee was fired after he allegedly cursed at a 14-year-old customer because the teen was wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat.

I love the way they use the word alleged in the news story when in the Twitter video the man admits to telling the kid to “F**k off.”


New Jersey man, 81, ‘assaulted’ while wearing MAGA hat, officials say

An 81-year-old man wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap was allegedly attacked in New Jersey on Monday for his support of President Trump, officials said.


Multiple females allegedly push, punch former college linebacker over his MAGA hat. He handles it like a gentleman.

Todd Starnes: Florida leftists attack ex-Gator wearing MAGA hat

Student attacked for wearing MAGA hat on Fourth of July

Daniel Weldon, former linebacker for the University of Florida, is physically attacked for wearing a MAGA hat.


Man Shocked He’s Asked To Leave Restaurant For Harassing ‘Nazi’ In MAGA Hat

DC restaurant explains kicking out ‘hostile’ guest who accosted man in ‘MAGA’ hat

T.J. Helmstetter, former associate communications director for the Democratic National Committee (DNC), was harassing a man in a D.C. restaurant. While the restaurant owner responded appropriately for throwing him out, he felt that he was wronged and complained about it on Twitter.


Sad Clown: Progressive Reporter Unfriends Old High School Pal Over A MAGA Hat

Leftist reporter unfriends friend who chose a MAGA hat over him.

Apparently, when given the ultimatum, she felt the hat was the lesser jerk.


Antifa Tries to Stop MAGA Hat-Wearing Reporter from Covering March

Ben Bergquam, working for America’s Voice News is attacked by Antifa for wearing a MAGA hat.


Law professor blasts student’s MAGA hat as ‘undeniable symbol of white supremacy’

Law student defends wearing MAGA hat to class after professor calls it a ‘symbol of white supremacy’

This report isn’t about violence, but does show the delusional claims people make regarding the hat. Jeffrey Omari, a visiting assistant professor at Gonzaga University School of Law, wrote in the American Bar Association’s ABA Journal about a student who was wearing a MAGA hat in class:

“his shiny red MAGA hat was like a siren spewing derogatory racial obscenities”

He also refers to the slogan as:

“an undeniable symbol of white supremacy and hatred toward certain nonwhite groups.”


Man claims he was attacked for wearing MAGA hat in Manhattan

A man claimed he was attacked by a group of teenagers in Lower Manhattan because he was wearing a MAGA hat, according to reports.


Mob surrounds woman wearing a MAGA hat and calls her the terrorist.


Illinois state senator apologizes for staged Trump assassination photos at fundraiser

But what do you expect: Leftists holding a fundraiser for Democrat State Senator Martin Sandoval perform a mock assassination on a faux President Trump.


Man Beaten Up in California Restaurant Over His Russian ‘MAGA’ Hat: Cops

Delgado then allegedly punched the man in the face multiple times, knocked him on the ground, stole the man’s hat, and fled the restaurant.

2019-10-10 at President Trump’s Rally

Trump protest in Minneapolis erupts in pepper spray, MAGA hat fires

Hundreds of protesters outside President Trump’s rally in Minneapolis Thursday night set fire to Make America Great Again hats and other memorabilia in an effort to show their defiance to the current administration before police broke up the crowd, reports said.

There were reports that multiple protesters were arrested. One report indicated that protesters threw urine.

Protester spits on man wearing MAGA hat and here’s how he responds (Video)

A protester spat in the face of a man wearing a MAGA hat as he had an interview with reporter outside the president’s Minneapolis rally on Thursday, Oct.10.

The article highlights other violence from protesters that took place outside the rally as well.

Minnesota Trump rally punch suspect facing felony assault charge: reports

A Minnesota man — who allegedly punched a Trump supporter in the contentious scene outside the president’s Keep America Great rally in Minneapolis two weeks ago — was charged with assault Wednesday after investigators used videos of the alleged attack to identify him, federal prosecutors said.


Threats against Trump family, media, other targets get Seattle man 5 years behind bars

A Seattle man was sentenced to five years in prison Friday for making threats against President Trump’s family, members of the media and synagogues.


Man in MAGA hat allegedly doused demonstrators with bear spray at Santa Monica Pier

Video from the scene posted on social media and YouTube showed Dempsey walking up to a man who was lying on the ground and spraying him directly in the face at close range, KTLA reported.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include stories of people in MAGA hats committing acts of violence, but they seem to be rare. In this case, the article talks about Dempsey spraying a man lying on the ground with Pepper Spray, which is a really stupid thing to do, but what the story doesn’t mention is that there’s a lot of pushing and shoving prior to Dempsey’s attack. The video doesn’t make it clear as to who started the pushing and shoving, but my money would be on the “peaceful protesters.”

Dempsey’s actions are still inexcusable.

Here’s the video:

What to make of this?

If anyone is guilty of a phobia (irrational fear), it’s the Left with their reaction to MAGA hats.

To be certain, however, in academic settings “making America great again” suggests a return to the days when women and people of color were denied access to these very institutions [1].

No. It doesn’t. And to believe that makes you a fool.


[1] Urbanski, D., 2019, “Law Professor Blasts Student’s Maga Hat as ‘Undeniable Symbol of White Supremacy’” [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 12-Jul-2019].

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