Living and Dying With Dignity

29 Oct 2015

I wrote the following a couple days ago:

Life is important. It’s a gift, and you only get one. For a culture obsessed with finding ways to improve our lives and live longer and healthier, we have a pretty crappy record of protecting it.

We spend our lives trying to tell people that suicide is wrong. It hurts your loved ones. It’s selfish.

Then we go and want to allow people to commit suicide, with the assistance of a “medical professional”. This whole idea is a big, fat, pile of bullshit. “But, they’re terminally ill. Let them die with dignity,” they cry. We’re all terminally ill. We’re all going to die! I have an idea. Instead of dying with “dignity,” how about living with dignity!

And then the Daily Signal published this today: New Study Shows Legalizing Physician-Assisted Suicide Increases Suicide Rates.

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