Why don't conservatives utter the phrase 'voting rights'?

25 Apr 2018

This is part 23 in a series of 35 questions. It is based on a series of questions answered by John Hawkins for Townhall.com: here, and here.

23. Why don’t liberty loving conservatives ever utter the phrase “voting rights”?

People don’t have a right to vote. It is a privilege granted to citizens, and as such, the privilege can be taken away, for example, in the case of a convicted felon. There are also stipulations, for example, you have to be 18.

Non-citizens Don’t Have A Right

Non-citizens should not be allowed to vote at all, at any level, in U.S. elections whether they are here legally or not. It is an affront to those who are actually citizens. Why should a person who is not a citizen have a voice in the way this country is run? Answer? They shouldn’t. They don’t have a right.

18 Year Olds Don’t Have A Right

“They possess a great social conscience, are perplexed by the injustices in the world and are anxious to rectify those ills1.” - Jennings Randolph

The voting age should be returned to 21. It doesn’t matter that they “possess a great social conscience.” They are typically led by emotions instead of reason, and haven’t really lived life. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing the voting age moved to 25, or even 27 since they’re legally able to be dependent on their parents until then. The only exception to the voting age is a member of the military. Show your military ID, along with your state identification card, and you’re good. There is no right to vote at 18, or 21, or whatever. It’s a privilege provided by law.

If You’re Not Registered You Don’t Have A Right

It’s not much to ask that you prove you’re a citizen to vote, and if you can’t prove that, you don’t get to vote. Some of the responsibility lies with the individual, and if you don’t have the responsibility, I don’t have a problem turning you away. Actually, if you’re not responsible enough to take care of your business prior to showing up, then it may be that you’re not responsible enough to vote. I have a hard time that many people don’t have IDs with the amount of things you need an ID for.

Maybe instead of asking conservatives to utter the phrase “voting rights,” we should ask why liberals don’t ever utter the phrase “voter fraud.”

  1. The 26th Amendment. History.com. A+E Networks. Web: 2010. Accessed: 24 Apr 2018.

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