Can we make grand compromises?

10 May 2018

This is part 27 in a series of 35 questions. It is based on a series of questions answered by John Hawkins for here, and here.

27. Can we make grand compromises? Voter ID, but Early Voting/Nat. Holiday. Abortion restrictions but free birth control/welfare


There is nothing unreasonable about requiring someone to prove who they are in order to vote. I’m not a big fan of early voting or absentee voting, but I understand the requirement for absentee, especially in the case of our military service men and women. I have considered a national holiday for voting, but I think that simply requiring businesses to allow time for voting should be sufficient. I don’t think we need to shut the country down.

Abortion is murder (the premeditated killing of an unarmed, defenseless human being) and should be treated as such. Abortion doctors are akin to a hired hit man.

Free birth control isn’t necessary to curb pregnancy. It’s simply another program/service that someone is paying for. If you’re going to fool around, be responsible, and buy your own damn condoms. They’re not that expensive. If you fool around, take responsibility for your actions. In other words, if you’re not ready for the kids, you not ready for the sex.

Unless you’re married, stop having sex.

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