Catholics and Satanists United In Their Support For Planned Parenthood's Important Work

28 Aug 2015

In the wake of the undercover videos showing that Planned Parenthood is probably involved in the sale of baby body parts, an understandable backlash has developed. As Pro-Life protesters planned to descend on Planned Parenthood offices around the country, two unlikely groups have found themselves on the same team in their struggle to show their support for the abortion giant: Catholics and Satanists.

On August 21, 2015, the Catholic group, Catholics for Choice, issued a press release indicating their support for Planned Parenthood.

Women’s health clinics across the country will again be harassed by the antichoice movement this weekend. In response, Catholics organized to remind clinic staff that we stand with Planned Parenthood and support the important work they do1.

While Catholics for Choice were delivering cakes and messages of goodwill, members of the Satanic Temple of Detroit held weird rituals. Apparently,

many Satanists believe abortion is sacred and some participate in the procedures themselves. In fact, former Satanist Zachary King explained that participating in abortions is particularly important for Satanists because it is considered the best way to give an offering to Satan.2

So, what this says is that Satanists believe abortions are particularly important, and Catholics for Choice support the important work they do.

I wonder how the Pope would feel about that.

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