Left Pushes Anti-Human Policies; Surprised When Gunman Shoots Up School
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Left Pushes Anti-Human Policies; Surprised When Gunman Shoots Up School

15 Jan 2013

Everyone is looking for a reason behind the massacre at Sandy Hook. They want to know how this happened, and why this happened, and they want to know how to fix it. They’re looking at gun control, mental health, violent video games, and movies. They’re looking for some cause to blame; a cause to get rid of. While mental health is certainly a place to look because it deals with individuals, it is not the cause. Everyone is looking in the wrong place.

Gun control is the number one issue that people are screaming for, but guns aren’t the problem. Guns, themselves, are actually harmless. You could place a fully loaded M-16 in the middle of Times Square, with a 100 round magazine and the safety off, and it would never hurt anyone. It’s an inanimate object, capable of neither good nor bad. It doesn’t become dangerous until you put it in the hands of a human being.

Violent video games are a non-issue. The claim that they desensitize us is bogus (I need to get myself a BS flag to wave). I’ve played Call of Duty, the entire franchise of Assassin’s Creed, and the entire franchise of Halo. While life in the video game world certainly isn’t worth much, theirs a huge difference. In the video game world you get unlimited respawns, and your targets are computer generations. In the real word, people get one life, and the life of a human being is just as precious as it was before I started playing violent video games. There are millions of these games sold, and millions of people play them, and just because a few individuals go off doesn’t mean they were desensitized by the game. It simply means that they were one in the millions who also enjoy the games. One of the best quotes I’ve ever heard about the influence of pop culture on people was said by Gene Simmons during an interview about twenty five years ago. I don’t remember it exactly, but basically he said: anybody who goes over the edge because of anything we write was going over the edge anyway. Well, it’s the same thing with video games. Those people were going over anyway.

The real problem doesn’t stem from indirect, “subliminal” messages coming from movies, video games, or guns, but the direct assault on humanity coming from the left. The eviction of God, Morals, and Meaning has put us into this position. We are living in a culture where mainstream media, education, and popular culture claim to be compassionate but are, in reality, pushing anti-human ideas. It’s manifestation in violent massacres, for no apparent reason other than to destroy lives, seems pretty straight-forward. Following is a brief look at some of the leftist groups pushing anti-human ideas that are popular today.

Evolutionists teach us that there is nothing special about us. We arrived here by chance. We just happened, and therefore, there’s no meaning to life. We are nothing more than animals, or meat computers as some evolutionists have called us. If we act like animals, we shouldn’t be surprised. We’re simply another branch on the tree of life. In the grand scheme of things, human beings just aren’t that important.

Animal Rights people teach us that animals are people too. They have feelings and emotions, and they are able to communicate with each other. There are some who advocate giving dogs, dolphins, whales, and other species people status, thereby raising these species to our level, while simultaneously lowering the human species to theirs. Some would even raise animals to a higher level than human beings as one famous TV personality noted: it is worse to kill a dog than a human being. Animals should be treated as equals, after all, they’re “surprisingly human.” Human beings just aren’t that special.

Progressives teach us that individuals are not important. While they usually don’t say it, they believe that society is more important than the individual. Some sort of Utopia is the goal, and the only way to reach that goal is for everyone to be exactly the same in ability, wealth, and thought. This where you see people who do well (the rich) ridiculed for their success. This is where everyone gets a ribbon; there’s no first place or last place. But worst, is that everybody needs to think alike, and non-conformists must be ridiculed with the most vile, hate filled attacks you can imagine. Character assassination is the name of the game, although in some societies, the practice of physical assassination was the name of the game. Human beings, particularly the individual, just aren’t as important as the whole.

Environmentalists teach us that Earth is more important than people and climate change needs to be stopped at all costs. We need to change our ways, and we need to do it immediately, or some rare frog in California is going to die out, or the Everglades are going to disappear (as if they’ve been there forever). We need to put an end to coal and cheap energy; it doesn’t matter that it makes it harder for families to pay their higher energy costs. We need to save the planet! I saw an interview where an individual stated we need to go back to a hunter-gatherer society despite the fact that millions of people would die. She was fine with that! Human beings are parasites.

Abortionists teach us that life begins at some subjective point. Aborting human lives is an acceptable solution for many of life’s inconveniences:

Over-populationists teach us that there are too many human beings in the world. The human herd needs to be thinned. Abort! Abortion and euthanasia are acceptable methods for controlling the herd, er, human population, and encouraged. If taking a life serves the greater good, then be all means, it’s the right thing to do. Human beings are disposable.

Atheists teach us that we don’t need God to have morals, and they seek to evict God from every public place that they possible can. Morals evolve they say, and so people are pushing these leftist ideas as moral goods: it’s morally right to put dolphins on the same level as humans; it’s morally right to put societies needs before the individual; it’s morally right to put the environment first; it’s morally right to provide abortion on demand; it’s morally right to put measures in places that will slow population growth… It’s morally right to do whatever’s best for every woe in the world, except tell the individual he’s special, and therefore his life is important.

No matter how it’s argued, all of these ideas directly tell us that human beings are not special. These ideas are all anti-human! They’re sick, twisted, vile ideas that need to be stopped. While violence has been, and always will be a problem among human beings, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that violence seems to be increasing as these anti-human ideas are pushed more feverishly than ever onto the masses. These ideas are pushed upon us by our schools, the MSM, pop culture icons, and even government officials, while you’re ridiculed if you oppose any one of them. They tell us over and over that humans aren’t special, there really is no meaning to life, and life is disposable, but then they act surprised and outraged when someone shoots up a school.

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