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18 Apr 2012

I read a lot of news, and normally I just share the good stuff as I come across it. Over the past few days I got a little behind but found some articles that struck me as especially important and I thought I would dedicate a post to them. While none of these are thorough discussions on the topics they cover, they should get you thinking.

  1. Apparently Rick Santorum was attacked by the left when he made the claim that “Rights come from our Creator.” This attack has exposed the Left’s ignorance of this countries history and the claims of the Founding Fathers. While secular America claims Founding Fathers such as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson as advocates for their point of view, they are quite mistaken. While not Christian, they did hold Christian values and held strong beliefs in God. And Rick Santorum—Christian—has simply echoed the words of Thomas Jefferson—Deist. That’s Deist as in NOT atheist, and NOT anti-religious. Read more in Anthony W. Hager’s Government Isn’t the Creator of Rights.

  2. The contraception argument is not a war on women, and contrary to the liberal claim, no one wants to ban it. It’s MUCH more complicated than that. As Jim Mahoney writes in Church, Sex, and Society, “By then, after a series of recreational couplings, perhaps she’ll settle down with a boy who grew up on pornographic fantasies. When they encounter the day-to-day realities of adult life, neither will find the “fulfillment” he or she sought, but only a dreary sense of emptiness and loss. Eventually they’ll divorce, leaving more fatherless children to repeat this cycle, while two more adults grow old seething with rage, resentment, and guilt.”

  3. A large portion of Christian, especially Catholic, voters vote Democrat. The biggest reason I can think of, as to why they would do such a thing is because they are voting with their wallet. It may also be misguided compassion, but that’s a different topic. Whatever the reason, the truth of the matter is they are voting for government control of everything, including what they think and believe. In The Democratic Party Is Rotten Through and Through, Neil Snyder touches on a few policies many believe are helpful to society, but in reality, are racist, sexist, and bigoted. And you thought they were compassionate.

  4. And finally, an argument that I hear a lot is that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. No it doesn’t. In Can We Prove the Existence of God?, James Anderson, explains why reasonable evidence is all that is needed.

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