Why do Conservatives only trust media that flatters current admin?

15 Apr 2017

This is part 14 in a series of 35 questions. It is based on a series of questions answered by John Hawkins for Townhall.com: here, and here.

14. Free press is fundamental to democracy. So why do R’s only trust media that flatters current admin much like state run media?

Hmm. Let me ask a question. Why do D’s only trust media that flattered the past admin much like state run median, and disparages the current admin much like fascist propaganda?

Like John Hawkins says, there are essentially two versions of the media: the left bias and the right bias. I’d like to find a news organization that tells me the facts, and moves on. Don’t tell me how to interpret the facts. If I don’t understand, I look it up. I’ll interpret the facts.

There are varying degrees of flattery that conservatives will put up with. Personally, my favorite news site is Hot Air. They will call out the Trump administration for doing stupid things, but they’re a lot more reasonable about it. They don’t start riots. They don’t call for impeachment. They also point out the positives, unlike leftist media, who twists the administration’s words and actions with misleading narratives, i.e., fake news. They play loose with the facts. You want an example?

The MSM portrays the deportation of illegal immigrants as simply an immigration problem. That’s not the way Trump or his supporters see it. Immigrants are fine, and welcome, when they do it legally. It is those who do it illegally that we have a problem with. The Left’s systematic failure to differentiate between the two appears to be a deliberate effort to mislead the public on the true nature of the narrative. This is one of the reasons they have earned the label “fake news.”

People aren’t opposed to a free press, but they want the press to be responsible. The mainstream media has shown itself to be irresponsible.

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