Why Are You Afraid of Muslims?

22 Apr 2018

This is part 21 in a series of 35 questions. It is based on a series of questions answered by John Hawkins for Townhall.com: here, and here.

21. y are u so afraid of Muslims? Before 9-11, we were token Aladdin/Apu. Laughably, we are now out to destroy USA?

One cannot easily forget the media images of Muslims overseas cheering when the twin towers crashed to the ground on 9-11 killing 3,000 innocent human beings; not soldiers in a combat zone, or a military installation overseas, but innocent human beings.. These were people simply going to work for the day. Instead, they were killed; it was in our face. While many of the videos of Muslims cheering may have been debunked, initially it angered people around the world, and as I’ve already mentioned, right or wrong, it wasn’t easily forgotten.

Terrorism wasn’t new, but it was always somewhere else. Again, right or wrong, it was always someone else’s problem. We felt bad for people, and mourned losses, but not since Pearl Harbor had something so big occurred right in our backyard. It was Muslims who succeeded in bringing that terror to the USA. It was Muslims who brought the new worldview of Muslims. And let’s face it, it’s Radical Islamic Terrorists (Muslims) that are the ones saying exactly what you want to laugh off: they want to destroy the USA.

Why We Don’t Forget

Prior to 9-11 most Americans were ignorant of Islam. 9-11 provided a crash course (pun intended), and through further investigation, many later found Islam disturbing. Most understand that not all Muslims are out to destroy the USA, but after 9-11, we are reminded on a yearly basis that many Muslims are out to destroy the USA, despite the attempt by liberals, liberal media, and non-Radical Muslims to downplay atrocities committed by Muslims, and bully us into forgetting.

On a world-wide scale Muslims commit thousands of terror attacks, and kill thousands of people. Last year, 2017, there were 1,332 attacks and 8,319 fatalities. At What Makes Islam So Different? you can get a running total of the violence committed over the Last 30 Days. It’s always in the double digits.

The View On Muslims Based On Reality

With that in mind, I need to make some clarifications. First, when I think of Muslims, I think of followers of Islam. Essentially, I am speaking of the religion, and not a geographical area or race of people. I know that around the world, there are “white” people that have taken up Radical Islam and committed atrocities as well.

Second, as I try to keep that in mind, I am also fully aware, that most Muslims do come from certain geographical regions of the world. As we try and filter the Extremists out from those seeking to come to the US, it may have the appearance of dislike for Muslims, but this is because of a twisting by liberal media of the truth.

There is a total disregard for what is actually happening in the world. People who talk about it are labeled Islamophobes, despite the FACT that Muslims commit the overwhelming majority of terrorist attacks because they hate the United States, and the West in general. Those who are “afraid” of Muslims should not be labeled Islamophobes, but Islamorealists because the fear isn’t as irrational as the term Islamophobe implies.


Most people are not afraid of all Muslims. I have coworkers who are Muslim who I am not afraid of, and I’m sure the overwhelming majority of Muslims that come to this country, or are already here, are fine people. Americans looking for a common sense approach to refugees, and immigrants, are simply looking for a thorough background check, and yes, even if that involves a certain amount of profiling. That doesn’t mean we’ll catch all those intent on doing harm, but it increases the chances of catching those who do. It also means that those who do come here should actually be looked upon with a little less scrutiny because, duh! They’ve passed an actual, real, thorough, background check!

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