Two Women Talk About Abortion

20 May 2019

I’ve been anti-abortion for years, and I wrote my first article, Life, Part 1, back in 2008. I have a little different take on it than most people in that I believe it’s not life that begins at conception, but a new individual.

But I’m a guy, and supposedly I’m not supposed to be able to talk about it, but I don’t care. I talk about it anyway because truth isn’t sexist. For the sake of argument, 50% of those human beings aborted are boys which in my opinion, means I get to talk.

But for this, I’m going to shut up and let two women talk about their experience. Both of these women admit to having, not one, but two abortions and both found it devastating when they found out what Leftists don’t want you to know. They found it devastating when they found out the truth.

Patti J. Smith at Daily Signal:

I was scared, confused, and felt I had no other options. I fell for the pro-abort rhetoric that it was my body, my choice, and that I was doing the right thing.

Nobody told me the truth.

And the truth?

Abortion hurts women. Not only does it kill an innocent baby, but it also ends the normalcy of a woman’s life, as indicated in my story as well as the stories of countless others.

Moreover, as to choice being empowering, that’s just another lie. Empowerment allows a woman to be comfortable in her skin, confident and at peace. Once a woman has an abortion, empowerment slowly slips away, leaving nothing but a gaping wound in her soul only to be backfilled with pain, self-hatred, guilt, shame, and remorse.

Leslie Dean at Daily Signal:

One young 16–year-old told me, “The baby’s heartbeat is so much faster than mine! It has its own heartbeat, separate from me! So it’s not my body, it’s his! I would be getting rid of him!”

Pretty profound wisdom for a teenager.

This is why women need to know the truth. They deserve to make an informed decision about such a consequential thing. They deserve the facts—not pro-choice talking points that are riddled with lies and deceptions. They deserve the whole truth.

And a woman’s perspective on exceptions?

There are, of course, those who throw out the argument of rape: “Should a woman have to birth her child if she’s been raped?” To that I respond: Why should a woman suffer an act of violence twice? Abortion is an act of violence, too. And for an abortion to be successful, someone has to die.

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