Your Crushing Student Debt; Your Sob Story

26 Aug 2019

Margot Cleveland, at the Federalist, writes:

Tell me your sob stories from age 12 on, not what you can’t do now, but what you couldn’t do then. Tell what you had to do then and through college to avoid what is now, to you, crushing student debt.

In short, she asks what things you did, or didn’t do to avoid, or minimize that crushing student you have. They’re great questions.

And that’s the thing that gets me. This crushing student debt you speak of can’t be a surprise. College has never been cheap, and it’s only been getting more expensive every year, and now that you have your degree, you’re concerned about the debt that you took on. You were not forced to sign on the dotted line every year; you signed willingly to take the classes that you took, but now you don’t want to pay for them. Now that you have that piece of paper you yearned for, you want someone else to pay for your dream.

I have to tell you, I don’t care about your debt. You willingly took it on, and you should willingly pay for it. Like most people, I struggle to pay my own bills, but somehow you think I should pay yours too?

The only thing making the student debt crisis a crisis, is the fact that students who signed up for the debt, don’t want to take resposibility for the debt. Personally, I don’t believe there is a crisis. The economy isn’t going to collapse if these people can’t achieve their dreams because of the burden they believe they’ve somehow been tricked into. I say tricked because, how else do they explain the debt they’ve unwittingly found themselves in? It’s a crisis manufactured by the Left, and the government needs to stay away from of it.

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