Transgender Regret Gets Its Day In Court

1 Sep 2019

When I first educated myself about the trasgender issue, I had read about the term transgender regret. Obviously, it refers to transgender people who regret making the decision to transition. This is something we hear little about in the media because:

The transgender lobby actively polices and suppresses discussion of sex-change regret, and claims it’s rare (no more than “5 percent.”) However, if you do decide to “de-transition” to once again identify with the sex in your DNA, talking about it will get you targeted by trans activists [1].

But now these people are apparently going to be heard on one of the most important stages in the country: The U.S. Supreme Court. Nicole Russell sums up the brief that’s being presented here. The article contains a lot of stuff that you don’t hear in the mainstream media from actual people who have actually transitioned and found that it’s not as great as the Left makes it out to be.

For starters, each of these people now believes, due to counseling, therapy, and personal experiences, that there is no such thing as gender fluidity or transgender. They now believe it is a fantasy many people try to make real [2].

Imagine that. The mainstream media pushing a fantasy. Dare I say lie?


[1] Morabito, S., 2014, “Trouble in Transtopia: Murmurs of Sex Change Regret” [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 09-May-2016].

[2] Russell, N., 2019, “Here’s What People Who Used to Be Transgender Are Telling the Supreme Court” [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 31-Aug-2019].

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