Betsy DeVos Wants To Put Your Student Loan Money On A Bank Card

Betsy DeVos wants student loan money on a debit card, and I think this is actually a great idea. Any time there is involvement from the Federal Government, especially where there’s money involved, there needs to be oversight. Let’s face it. While much of the money students receive gets used for its intended purpose, there’s also a lot that gets abused. If the government is handing out money, than it has an interest in making sure it’s used for its intended purpose.

Taxpayers get irate when government employees make headlines spending money (per diem), even when it’s theirs, in places such as strip joints and casinos, and rightfully so. Why no oversight for students? Seriously. If you think students aren’t spending that government money on booze, drugs, birth control, you aren’t paying attention.

Source: Betsy DeVos Wants To Put Your Student Loan Money On A Bank Card

J. Alan Doak

J. Alan Doak is a blogger, reader, writer, news junkie, and student of the Bible. He is married and has three grown children. He holds a bachelor's degree in Pastoral Studies, and has blogged sporadically at this website, Reflection on Plumb, over several years.

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