Corruption Is Why Trump Needs To Jail Clinton

Apparently, Trump’s comment about Hillary being put in jail if he becomes President ruffled a few feathers. I, for one, cheered. Why? Let me put this into a little context.

We’re not talking about jailing the opposition like Hitler or Stalin, or even Putin from some of the stories I’ve heard. We’re talking about the jailing of criminals, or in this case a specific criminal. I know, she hasn’t been convicted of anything, so it’s wrong to call her a criminal. And as a Christian, I’m not taking that lightly, but I also believe there’s nothing wrong with a label that fits, because let’s face it, some labels that fit.

The thing is, Trump shouldn’t have had to bring it up. If the FBI would have done their job, and pursued charges, would she still be the Democratic nominee? Well, probably, because the DNC had worked to rig the system in her favor. Quite frankly, she should probably be in jail now.

But Hillary’s just part of the problem. The fact is, charges weren’t pursued. Why? Her husband Bill, pays a short notice visit to Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and a short time later… she’s off the hook. Because, according to a grinning Hillary Clinton, it was “a mistake.” 30,000 deleted emails were a mistake? Petty Officer 1st Class Kristian Saucier deleted one photo and is currently facing a possible 30 years in prison. How much do you want to bet, the “mistake” explanation won’t work for Saucier. That’s the Clinton Privilege.

While I hate conspiracy theories, this is a situation, where again, the label appears to fit the circumstances. There are multiple people involved, or at least it has the appearance of multiple people and they’re all Democrats, or hold Democrat sympathies (or the appearance of Democrat sympathies):

  • Hillary Clinton (Democrat Party Candidate): who appears to have broken the law

  • Bill Clinton (Former President): who appears to have influenced Loretta Lynch in a “unplanned” meeting

  • Loretta Lynch (Attorney General): who appears to have been influenced by Bill Clinton (was it Bill’s way with women?)

  • James Comey (FBI Director): who appears to have been influenced by Attorney General Loretta Lynch to not recommend charges, because, you know, she didn’t intentionally break the law.

  • The guy who set up the server: took the Fifth so as not to incriminate himself.

It’s got corruption written all over it. And people wonder why no one trusts the political class, er, government. Allowing Hillary to become President won’t fix this. She’s part of the problem! Trump’s right that a special prosecutor needs to be appointed to tackle this problem.

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J. Alan Doak

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