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Effective date: April 14, 2019

Rule No. 1: Don't be a jerk. In other words, love your neighbor, and if you can't do that, love your enemy.

I feel that using common sense in conjunction with that short rule should be enough, but while everyone has common sense, too many people ignore it. Hence, the following needs to be said to clarify Rule No. 1.

Don't Be A Jerk

Reflection on Plumb is not a safe space, and it's not politically correct. Controversial topics are addressed, and can be talked about freely in the comment sections provided. With that being said, a certain amount of decorum is still expected whether you agree or disagree with what is being posted either in the post content or comments. Reflection on Plumb is a traditional, conservative, orthodox Christian website, so don't be surprised when traditional, conservative, orthodox Christian views are supported and enforced. And don't be surprised if your comment is deleted if you're hostile toward those views.

Avoid Name Calling

Not everyone has the same idea of what name-calling is. I hold traditional views and definitions of labels such as "racist." If you label someone a racist based on the modern liberal definition, you will get a warning, and followed by a ban if it continues. In other words, if you call someone a racist simply because they voted for Donald Trump, you will find yourself in trouble. Voting for Donald Trump does not make someone a racist by definition. If someone's actually being a racist, this is a different matter, and will be addressed on a case by case basis. Same with terms like xenophobe, homophone, and whatever warped definitions Leftists have devised today.

The same applies to conservative commenters as well as liberal commenters. Ripping Leftists as evil, blood-sucking goats will get you suspended just as quickly as a Leftist labeling a conservative a homophobe.

Attack ideas, not people.

Add Value

Post comments that are smart, and informed, and that contribute to the story. Provide useful, constructive criticism. Share your intelligence, wisdom, and humor.

Comments that make it clear you didn’t read the article will be deleted.

Keep It Tidy

Keep comments on topic, and if at all possible, just that one topic related to the post. Sometimes it's difficult, particularly if a post addresses more than one topic, but let's try to stay focused anyway. I understand shiny objects can be distracting, but if they go to far off topic, I may shut it down.

Don't post the same comments over and over.

Have you ever read reviews about a book on Amazon that doesn't describe the product? I'm giving this book one star because the shipping company left the box in the bushes and it was raining. Don't do this.

No Self-promotion

Promoting your own brand, product, or blog. While on occasion there may be merit in something you've written elsewhere, summarize it here first. If it's an obvious ploy at getting attention for yourself, it probably won't be allowed. If you're in doubt, contact me first. Maybe we can work out a link exchange.

No Copy / Paste

If you didn't write it, properly cite the source. Give credit where credit is due.

English Only

Non-english comments will be removed. Not because I'm xenophobic, but because I'm lazy. I can't read anything but English, and I won't take the time to run it through Google Translate.

Don't Feed the Trolls

If trolls make it though moderation, they will be deleted when discovered and so will your responses to the trolls. Don't waste your time.

Do Not Threaten People

Don't do it. Don't make comments that sound like a threat. If it can be interpreted as a threat, I'll probably treat it as a threat. If I'm especially uncomfortable with a threat, I may even turn it over to the authorities.

I'm The Final Authority

I hate to be this way, but it is my website. I have that final say in all matters regarding comments, but if you keep these simple rules as outlined on this page, I should never have to exercise my authority.