24 Aug 2016

If It Feels Good...

Who cares about the truth when it doesn't feel good?

29 Apr 2016


I ran across this article, today: After 13 Years, I’m Leaving Christianity. It’s an interesting read. As the title implies, the author, Keay Nigel, discusses why she left Christianity. While many thoughts ran through my mind as I read it, I’ve chosen to comment on an analogy she made. Here’s the context: For instance, my church had taught us that our God is the one true God, and that all other religions are works of Satan.

6 Nov 2015

Trigger Warning

You'll get no trigger warning from me. The Truth has teeth. If you get bitten, you probably deserve it.

25 Nov 2009

Can Your Truth Be Your Own?

Everyone has something that they believe, but that doesn't automatically may it true. A lot of us believe lies, and some of us are fine with that, even when those truths contradict each other.