19 Apr 2018

Why do conservatives assume that black people's views on society are a result of brainwashing?

I'm not sure that I would call black people's insistence on voting for liberal Democrats a result of brainwashing, but it is hard to explain using other reasoning.

Washington Is Broken
23 Jan 2018

Washington Is Broken

Conservative and liberals alike seem to agree that Washington is broken. But one group was less brokenness and the other wants more.

8 Nov 2016

In Good Conscience, Christian, Vote Republican

I'm a Christian, not a Republican, but I vote Republican because it's the best chance of beating the Democrats. And I have a clear conscience.

9 Jun 2008

Say No To Unity

When I vote for leaders, including the President, I am not looking for a person who is going to bring unity. No such person exists. You can't make everyone happy, and I don't want a wishy-washy leader who's going to try.