Immigration, Law, and the Bible
11 Feb 2019

Immigration, Law, and the Bible

Many Christians seem to be unaware that the Bible says more about immigration and borders than simply loving your neighbor.

21 May 2018

Do you think Christian refugees are more deserving of American assistance than non-Christian refugees?

Christian refugees are necessarily more deserving of American assistance than other refugees, but there are things to consider: assimilation, persecution, and anti-American sentiment.

21 Apr 2018

Banning Foreigners Versus Banning Assault Weapons

I find the thought disturbing that a liberal would lump human beings and inanimate objects into the same category, but yes, I'm more comfortable banning SOME foreigners over 'assault' weapons.

9 Feb 2017

How can a Christian deny Arab child refugees?

How does a Christian reconcile the Good Samaritan/Sermon of the Mount teachings with denying Muslim children safe passage as refugees?

11 Apr 2016

By The Numbers—The Untold Story of Muslim Opinions & Demographics

Video regarding Muslim opinions and demographics that the liberal media doesn't want to share with the public.