11 Nov 2019

How Lies Damage the Gospel

At Them Before Us Katy Faust writes: Barring actual abuse, when adults refuse to do the hard thing and instead choose to abandon the marriage, what they’re really saying is, “This cross is too heavy for me. Here kids, you take it instead.” If you want to talk about something that’s “incredibly damaging” to a child’s understanding of the God who says he is the bridegroom and the church is his bride, getting marriage wrong in your personal life or in church teaching is at the top of that list.

24 Oct 2019

The Hidden Evil in Transgenderism

Recently the big news has been the deaths associated with vaping. But recently there has been another study released by the FDA discussing deaths associated with a drug called Lupron: The figure rises when factoring in the total number of adverse reactions logged by the FDA since 1984. In total, there have been 40,764 adverse reactions, 25,513 of those were considered “serious,” among those were 6,370 deaths. Interestingly enough, there hasn’t been a word from the Main Stream Media.

4 Sep 2017

Quick Marks (September 4)

Quick thoughts on some of the past week’s news: Dave Grohl feels like an alien; Those who are supposed to protect us from violence don’t know how to protect us from violence (Antifa); and possibly the highlight, an Australian woman who grew up with two lesbian mothers explains how unhappy she was. Dave Grohl on how Donald Trump inspired Foo Fighters’ new album - NME Dave Grohl discusses how Donald Trump & subsequent ‘wave of conservatism’ shaped his lyrics on Foo Fighters’ new album ‘Concrete & Gold’

1 Jul 2017

How To Get Kids To Listen

Recently, PragerU posted a video called How To Get Kids To Listen. I highly recommend it.

Educating Myself: Gender Dysphoria and Public Bathrooms
13 May 2016

Educating Myself: Gender Dysphoria and Public Bathrooms

Discussion about gender dysphoria (transgender) and whether public bathroom use should be based on a psychological disorder or biological sex.

10 Apr 2016

'Honoring' Parents of 'Transgender' Kids

Society is sick. We hold parents who willingly and intentionally use their physically healthy 'transgender' children for medical experimentation as cultural heroes, but condemn parents who withhold vaccinations on religious grounds as a problem.

23 Mar 2016

Michigan's State Board of Education Seeks To Undermine Parental Rights

If your children go to a public school in Michigan, you may soon be intentionally kept in the dark as the Michigan's State Board of Education Seeks To Undermine Parental Rights.