23 Apr 2019

Transformed By Fox News

Are people really being transformed by Fox News, or are does it appear that way because the Left is lurching further left?

15 Apr 2017

Why do Conservatives only trust media that flatters current admin?

Free press is fundamental to democracy. So why do Republicans/Conservatives only trust media that flatters current admin much like state run media?

It's Not the Economy, Stupid!
8 Nov 2012

It's Not the Economy, Stupid!

Everyone’s writing about the results of yesterday’s election so I figured I might as well join in. There are a lot of disappointed conservatives, myself included. But my disappointment isn’t really what I want to talk about. Last night as I was watching the results roll in, I kept thinking to myself, this isn’t happening. I was one of those conservatives that had such high hopes yesterday afternoon and by the time Ohio was called for Obama… It was like watching the World Series all over again when the Tigers were swept by the Giants.