What Does the Bible Say About Borders?
21 Jan 2019

What Does the Bible Say About Borders?

Should a country maintain borders, or should we do away with them? They've been a contentious issue over the last couple of years, so I thought it's time to see if the Bible has anything to say about borders.

22 May 2018

How do conservatives square 8 yrs of calling Obama a tyrant while supporting an actual tyrant?

Conservatives are accused of calling President Obama a tyrant for 8 years, but letting an what liberals consider an actual tyrant off the hook.

7 May 2018

Why do conservatives have a problem mixing smaller government and a competent government?

Conservatives seem to have a hard time mixing smaller government with a desire for that government to be competent, but the problem really isn't mixing the two, but actually getting the government to shrink. If the one happens, the other should follow.

12 Feb 2017

Doesn't President Trump alarm you?

Many find Donald Trump alarming. They find the mass resignations and attempts to silence bureaucracies alarming. I don't and neither should you.

28 Oct 2015

Who's Nudging Who?

Government should not be in the business of 'nudging' it's citizens. We The People are supposed to be 'nudging' the government.