24 Oct 2019

The Hidden Evil in Transgenderism

Recently the big news has been the deaths associated with vaping. But recently there has been another study released by the FDA discussing deaths associated with a drug called Lupron: The figure rises when factoring in the total number of adverse reactions logged by the FDA since 1984. In total, there have been 40,764 adverse reactions, 25,513 of those were considered “serious,” among those were 6,370 deaths. Interestingly enough, there hasn’t been a word from the Main Stream Media.

1 Sep 2019

Transgender Regret Gets Its Day In Court

When I first educated myself about the trasgender issue, I had read about the term transgender regret. Obviously, it refers to transgender people who regret making the decision to transition. This is something we hear little about in the media because: The transgender lobby actively polices and suppresses discussion of sex-change regret, and claims it’s rare (no more than “5 percent.”) However, if you do decide to “de-transition” to once again identify with the sex in your DNA, talking about it will get you targeted by trans activists [1].

20 May 2019

Men Invade the Women's Locker Room

Over at Daily Signal: Men Already Enter the Women’s Locker Room at My Local Pool. Now Congress Could Make It Worse. A naked man walking around the women’s locker room was seen peeping at a girl inside one of the shower stalls. This, alone, is enough to segregate bathrooms by biological sex and arrest anyone who doesn’t fit the description. I wrote extensively about this topic here.

Transgenderism and Community. What Could Go Wrong?
14 Mar 2019

Transgenderism and Community. What Could Go Wrong?

When your community takes a democratic, mob rule, approach, it's no longer a great place to raise your children, especially if you want to raise Christians.

29 Jul 2016

Unintended Consequences

The Alliance Defending Freedom has put together a great video showing the unintended consequences of allowing anyone claiming to be gender dysphoric free access to public restrooms.

Educating Myself: Gender Dysphoria and Public Bathrooms
13 May 2016

Educating Myself: Gender Dysphoria and Public Bathrooms

Discussion about gender dysphoria (transgender) and whether public bathroom use should be based on a psychological disorder or biological sex.

10 Apr 2016

'Honoring' Parents of 'Transgender' Kids

Society is sick. We hold parents who willingly and intentionally use their physically healthy 'transgender' children for medical experimentation as cultural heroes, but condemn parents who withhold vaccinations on religious grounds as a problem.

23 Mar 2016

Michigan's State Board of Education Seeks To Undermine Parental Rights

If your children go to a public school in Michigan, you may soon be intentionally kept in the dark as the Michigan's State Board of Education Seeks To Undermine Parental Rights.

7 Mar 2016

Indiana Should Defund Government Travel To States Hostile Towards Religious Freedom

A California lawmaker has introduced a bill that would ban government-funded travel to states with laws that he says discriminate on sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. A proper response would be for states to defund government travel to states hostile to religious freedom.