26 Oct 2019

The Mission of Impossible Foods

Can A Burger Help Save the Planet? Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown Says Yes The mission of Impossible Foods is very simple. It’s to completely replace animals in the food system by 2035.–Pat Brown I didn’t listen to the podcast. The above quote plastered across the top of the page was all I needed to see. It was all I needed to think: I plan on still being here in 2035, and I guarantee animals won’t be replaced in the food system by then.

7 Sep 2019

Busybodies Think You Eat Too Much Red Meat

While it may not be part of the Democratic Platform, there are way too many Democrats that want to control what you eat. But’s no longer about saving you from you, it’s about saving the planet from you. Kamala Harris says Americans need to be "educated about the effect of our eating habits on our environment," and says she would change the dietary guidelines to reduce the amount of red meat you can eat.

Science Says You Can't Stop Climate Change
20 Feb 2019

Science Says You Can't Stop Climate Change

Activists claim that science says that climate change is man made and that man can stop it, but science doesn't actually agree.

25 Feb 2017

Why don't conservatives care about climate change and the future?

Conservatives get accused of not caring about climate change and the future, but liberals care more about climate than the poor and green energy poverty.

30 Dec 2016

Climate Being Harmed By Biofuels

Climate alarmists believe they are doing for the Earth, but once again, science proves they're actually doing more harm to the environment.