19 Aug 2019

Moving Problems Solved

So, a couple months ago, I moved back to WordPress, but I pointed out that I wasn’t happy with it. I also pointed out that I would probably wind up changing things up again: it didn’t take long. I wrote that one post and was already looking for alternatives. I think I’ve found it using Emacs, Hugo, and Netlify. I’ve created the blog design from the ground up, so there’ll be plenty of tweaking along the way, but I’ve gotten it to do what I want it to do, and it works into the direction of writing I’ve been going in, so my workflow is just going to flow better.

14 Jun 2019

Moving Problems

I moved away from WordPress because I wasn’t happy with the platform. I had spent years tweaking this and that, but was never quite happy with it, so a couple of months ago I moved to another platform. While it solved a lot of issues I was having, others opened up. So, I’m back at WordPress, but for some reason the transition back hasn’t gone as smoothly as the transition away.