20 May 2019

Two Women Talk About Abortion

I’ve been anti-abortion for years, and I wrote my first article, Life, Part 1, back in 2008. I have a little different take on it than most people in that I believe it’s not life that begins at conception, but a new individual. But I’m a guy, and supposedly I’m not supposed to be able to talk about it, but I don’t care. I talk about it anyway because truth isn’t sexist.

10 May 2018

Can we make grand compromises?

Liberals talk about making compromises, but usually this usually consists of making a compromise between two bad choices. They're not really a group that one should be making deals with

14 Feb 2017

How does one square pro-life and anti-welfare?

Liberals complain that abortion foes are pro-life only until the baby is born. But killing human beings to avoid poverty is a sickening argument.

6 Feb 2016

Newsflash! Defunding Planned Parenthood Results In More Births!

Liberals seem to be saying, 'I told you so!' when birth rates go up Texas succeeded in defunding Planned Parenthood. They also seem to think this is a bad thing.

28 Aug 2015

Catholics and Satanists United In Their Support For Planned Parenthood's Important Work

Certain Catholics and Satanists find common ground in their support for a woman's right to choose between life and death for her unborn child. In other words, they both support abortion.

Left Pushes Anti-Human Policies; Surprised When Gunman Shoots Up School
15 Jan 2013

Left Pushes Anti-Human Policies; Surprised When Gunman Shoots Up School

The left pushes all kinds of policies that are basically anti-human like animal rights, abortion, evolution, gun control, global warming, and then are surprised and outraged when acts of violence are committed against humans.

7 Jan 2010

Dolphins Should Be Treated As 'Non-human Persons'

Too many people are interested in giving rights to non-human persons, like dolphins, but usually are the first to deny rights to actual humans in the womb.

Life, Part 1
21 Apr 2008

Life, Part 1

The common argument is that life begins at conception, but this isn't true. Life began with Adam and Eve. Individuals begin at conception.