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Left Pushes Anti-Human Policies; Surprised When Gunman Shoots Up School

Everyone is looking for a reason behind the massacre at Sandy Hook. They want to know how this happened, and why this happened, and they want to know how to fix it. They’re looking at gun control, mental health, violent video games, and movies. They’re looking for some cause to blame; a cause to get rid of. While mental health is certainly a place to look because it deals with individuals, it is not the cause. Everyone is looking in the wrong place.

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The Battle of Bottled Water

Water’s a funny thing. We all need it, and while some of us take it for granted, we all have our views about it.

Where I work, the water from the fountain doesn’t taste good, so we buy bottled water. The unwritten rule regarding this water, is that it must be purified; no spring water. It never fails, however, that when someone new buys water, they try to save money by purchasing whatever is on sale. This results in half-fun, half-serious, ridicule regarding how bad the water tastes that was purchased.

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