Praying For A New Word

18 Nov 2015

During group prayer this past weekend, it was asked that God provide a new word.

This simple request has bothered me ever since then. I understand the goal; we’re looking for a new Awakening among God’s people. I think the thought is that we need a new trigger. I think.

The fact of the matter is that I don’t believe we need a new word at all. There’s nothing wrong with the old Word; the original Word. Interestingly enough, the next morning, I read the following from Our Daily Bread about a preacher who was asked why he kept giving the same sermon. He answered:

“I know what I’m doing. When you start living out this sermon, I’ll go on to my next one.”

The devotional goes on to point out how Jesus’ sermons had a recurring theme, and I thought, we’re still not getting it right! Why in the world would God do anything different when we can’t get the original sermon right? Why would he give us a new word when we’re still struggling with the old?

I think instead of praying for a new word, it would be wiser to pray for wisdom in understanding the old, and fire for living it out when we figure it out.

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