Yesterday was National Haiku Day. This year I wrote several. Enjoy.

The sound of spring nights!

It’s not the crickets chirping,

But the frogs croaking

I like Donald Trump

He makes them liberals cry

Who could ask for more?

Oh, Oh, look at me

I am on a Haiku roll

Get out of my way!

I am a poet,

But I did not know it. Yeah.

It is time to stop.

Last year I wrote one:

The fog, it is gray

It makes for a dreary day

Today is that way

And for fun, the lune version:

The fog’s gray

Makes for a dreary day

Today’s that way

J. Alan Doak

J. Alan Doak is a blogger, reader, writer, news junkie, and student of the Bible. He is married and has three grown children. He holds a bachelor's degree in Pastoral Studies, and has blogged sporadically at this website, Reflection on Plumb, over several years.

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