Climate Being Harmed By Biofuels

30 Dec 2016

Uh, oh. It looks as if climate alarmists are actually making things worse.

I’ve questioned the intelligence of fighting climate change (not climate change itself), and propose we adapt to it instead. I think it would be cheaper and more effective for mankind in general. Warming and cooling are part of the Earth’s natural cycles1; I don’t believe man caused it, and I don’t believe man can stop it.

I do, however, believe we can make things worse, and apparently, according to a new study, we can:

“Policymakers should reconsider their support for biofuels. This issue has been debated for many years. What’s new here is that hard data, straight from America’s croplands, now confirm the worst fears about the harm that biofuels do to the planet2.”

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  2. Erickson, Jim (2016). Study: Biofuels increase, rather than decrease, heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions.” University of Michigan News. Accessed: 6 Dec 2016.

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