Why do conservatives assume that black people’s views on society are a result of brainwashing?

35 Questions

This is part 18 in a series of 35 questions. It is based on a series of questions answered by John Hawkins for Townhall.com: here, and here.

18. Why do conservatives assume that Black people’s views on society are a result of brainwashing by the left rather than by our own experience?

The ridiculously short answer? Because they keep voting for politicians and leaders that promote programs that have been shown not to work; programs that don’t help them, and in the long run hurts them. Yet they keep voting for the same programs, and the same leaders. We throw more and more money at the problems they want fixed, but there’s no sign of improvement.

And black people that think outside the box, and try to persuade others to try something different? They’re traitors; Uncle Toms.

If that doesn’t sound like brainwashing I don’t know what does.

Washington Is Broken

Every once in a while I read, or hear, the statement: Washington is broken. And for the most part, everyone agrees that it’s broken, liberals and conservatives alike.

The thing I find interesting about this situation is that both sides want to treat the problem differently. Conservatives want the government to shrink, the idea being that smaller government will mean less broken. Liberals on the other hand, want to expand the government, essentially expanding the broken. Apparently liberals don’t care that the government is broken despite their complaints about it.

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In Good Conscience, Christian, Vote Republican

​"I can’t, in good conscience, vote for either candidate." As a Christian, and an American, I have a problem with this idea, because while neither candidate is desirable, one IS better than the other. That’s not to say, you shouldn’t vote for a third party candidate because that’s the party you identify with, and you truly like that candidate, but if you’re voting for what’s in the best interest of the U.S., it’s not the way to go. Personally, I identify closest with the Constitution Party, but lets face it, they probably won’t garner enough votes to even show up in the final results.

Because the candidate I want to win, doesn’t stand a chance, my next question is what’s best for the country. The answer to that is simple, #NoMoreDemocrats. So I vote for the candidate that has the best chance of beating the Democrat, and in just about every case, that’s a Republican. The bottom line is no matter how bad the character of a candidate is, it’s the policies that that candidate will bring.

The winner of the election is going to be a Republican or Democrat. No other candidate stands a chance. It will be one of the two. So, the realistic choices for President, from a Christian standpoint, are the Democrat whose policies suck, or the Republican whose policies suck a lot less. If you look at it that way, the choice should be easy. So, in good conscience, I have to vote for the Republican.

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Say No To Unity

Do we really want a President looking for unity? I don’t. We would need a President looking to make everybody happy, and I don’t think that would make an effective president. He would have to be a “flip-flopper.” No President will be able to “unify” this country. Any President that says he will, is fooling himself, and the people. There are 304+ million people in this country which means there are 304+ million views of the world.

If we look at the population through a liberal vs. conservative lens, you will see a middle ground that shifts from year to year, a “far left,” and a “far right.” For the sake of ease, I’ll call those in the middle ground swing voters. They can vote conservative or liberal based on the prevailing wind, and are probably more open to more compromise, and “unity.” Those outside of that middle ground, whether left or right, will not compromise and the elected President will divide this country down one side of the middle or the other. If the President is conservative, he will divide along the liberal line. If the President is liberal, he will divide along the conservative line.

It’s funny how the media and liberals look at President Bush as a divisive President, and seem to think that a Democratic President could unify this country. They are sadly mistaken. The only unity that will take place is a unity between the liberals on the left with a liberal President’s values. This country will then be divided down the other side as those with conservative views will be divided just as sharply from the President as the liberals now feel. Simply put, the groups of people that feel alienated by President Bush will be replaced by a group of people who feel alienated by President “Democrat,” whoever that may be.

The only way unity can be achieved is for Americans to have a change of heart, not of President. The President cannot change people’s hearts, only God can.

For a true change of heart, we need to follow, and vote, in line with the values taught by God’s Word, not our own selfish values. This goes for conservatives as well as liberals. There are many conservatives who consider themselves to be voting by God’s Word, when in reality they are voting for their own personal reasons. I believe that if everyone voted based on God’s Word, neither a Republican or Democrat would be elected, but a third party candidate who reflected those same values. Even then, there would be unhappy people, but until Jesus returns, that would be the closest to unity this country would ever get.