Transgenderism and Community. What Could Go Wrong?


A few days ago I read an article from Wintery Knight that talked about a new law in Canada that allows transgender kids to be taken away from their parents if they disagree with the child’s choice of gender. Being a parent I find this a very uncomfortable situation to even think about.

Can you imagine being a parent, trying to do the best for your kid, and having society–your community–undermining your efforts? Imagine sending your child to school, and the school keeping you uninformed regarding gender issues that your child may be engaging in at school? Don’t think it can’t happen in the U.S.? Schools are already undermining parents, and I wrote about that very thing occurring in Michigan a couple years ago.

‘Further, the court stated that “Attempting to persuade [Maxine] to abandon treatment for gender dysphoria; addressing [Maxine] by his birth name; referring to [Maxine] as a girl or with female pronouns whether to him directly or to third parties; shall be considered to be family violence under s. 38 of the Family Law Act.”’1

Can you imagine having your community allow medical experiments to be conducted on your children, and there’s nothing you can do about it? That’s child abuse.

Children Are The Parent’s Responsibility

The idea that children belong to the community, and not the parents, is a liberal idea–a Progressive, Democrat, Communist idea. It’s certainly not a Christian idea.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6, KJV)

Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. (Ephesians 6:4)

Raising children is a parent’s responsibility, and we are instructed to do so in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. Failure to do this is dereliction of duty.

The Problem of Community

In this particular case, the community has no problem taking your kids away because you refuse to accept transgenderism as thing, but I wonder what side they stood on when children were being separated from parents that endangered their children by dragging them across a hundred miles of desert to cross the border illegally, risking their lives to environmental exposure, hunger, criminal elements, and the possibility of abuse and human trafficking.

Community isn’t a bad thing, if they’re there to lend a helping hand and support each other. The Church is a Christian community.

The trouble with community starts when the community becomes corrupted: they become a community of moral busybodies. They decide they know what’s best for your child, and then set out to make sure your child gets it. Isn’t Democracy (mob rules) great?

So right now, it’s transgender issues, but what happens when the community decides that you’re a danger to your kids because you want to raise them in a Godly fashion: as God-fearing individuals; as God has instructed you to do as a parent? If 51% decide that you are unfit, they get to take your kids away.

Community Sounds Nice…

Sure, this community idea sounds nice, but it’s not. It’s ugly. It tickles the ears, but the reality is, it’s lulling you into a false sense of security and peace. It’s a lie. Do not abicate your responsibility to the secular world.

Photo Credit: ‘Photo by Zsolt Palatinus on Unsplash

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Against Those Who Oppress the Hired Worker In His Wages

Against Those Who Oppress the Hired Worker In His Wages

“Then I will draw near to you for judgment. I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers, against the adulterers, against those who swear falsely, against those who oppress the hired worker in his wages, the widow and the fatherless, against those who thrust aside the sojourner, and do not fear me, says the Lord of hosts. (Malachi 3:5, ESV)

What exactly does it mean to oppress the hired worker in his wages? I’m thinking it means to not pay him, or hold his pay. If I remember, people back then got paid every day at the end of the day, and it was frowned up to not pay at the end of the day. But I don’t think people had steady jobs like we do either. I think jobs were kind of on a first come, first serve, day to day, basis.

But I wondered if this applies at all to today, and the first thing I thought was, are we paying too little? Should we be paying someone $15 an hour to flip burgers? If we’re not, would that be oppressing them? I don’t think so, especially in light of the fact that professionals start out working many jobs around $18-20 per hour. Most of these minimum wage jobs aren’t intended to be career choices. Just because someone has chosen, or been forced, to make a career out of flipping burgers, in my opinion, doesn’t change the fact that it’s an entry-level job, that you’re supposed to move up from.

But, there is an area that I think the hired worked is being oppressed in his wages, and it comes from the government. The average American worker spends almost three and a half months of every year working, essentially, for free. This year (2019), Tax Freedom Day is April 19. In 2018, it was estimated that America spent more on state and local taxes than was spent on food, clothing, and housing. In 1900, Tax Freedom Day was around January 22. Think about how much money you’ll make between January 22 and April 19. How would you like to put all the money in your pocket instead of Uncle Sam’s? How’s that for oppression?