Food Court

When I think of a food court, two things usually come to mind.

The first is the food court located on a military installation where various fast food vendors are all located around the same eating area. Some of the vendors are those that the general public would find familiar with such as Taco Bell or Popeye’s Chicken, but there are also places that would only be familiar to military members such as Robin Hood or Anthony’s Pizza. The size and number of vendors varies with the size of the installation.

The second place that comes to mind is Disney World. Much like the military installation, there are different types of food available: burgers, pizza, desert, and full dinners. The dinners usually take on the style of the resort the food court is located in, but these are all owned by Disney.

After reading Gerald Nachman’s fictitious My Day In Food Court at The American Spectator, I now have a third picture in my mind when I think of a food court. But this one’s a little scary.


The Battle of Bottled Water

Water’s a funny thing. We all need it, and while some of us take it for granted, we all have our views about it.

Where I work, the water from the fountain doesn’t taste good, so we buy bottled water. The unwritten rule regarding this water, is that it must be purified; no spring water. It never fails, however, that when someone new buys water, they try to save money by purchasing whatever is on sale. This results in half-fun, half-serious, ridicule regarding how bad the water tastes that was purchased. Continue reading “The Battle of Bottled Water”