Who’s To Blame For the NFL Anthem Fiasco?

The NFL is coming out against President Trump’s “divisive” comments, but he didn’t say anything that half of the American people weren’t already saying. Yes, he was more abrasive in his approach than most, but not all. I have heard worse! He simply echoed what many fans have been saying all along, but the NFL was too engrossed with themselves to pay attention. If they had been paying attention, his comments shouldn’t have shocked anyone. Maybe the NFL wouldn’t have been surprised by Trump’s comments if ESPN hadn’t fired all their conservative commentators.

This is not Trump’s fault.

Blaming Trump for the fiasco is a typical liberal tactic. Blame someone else for our foolish actions, because whether you agree with Trump or not, it doesn’t change the fact that an NFL player started it, and it’s primarily NFL players that have kept it going.

Ultimately, it’s the NFL’s fault that it’s still going. The NFL should have put the kibosh on this from day one. Colin Kaepernick should have been fined for the first offense, and if it continued, suspensions, and yes, even firing. The NFL says they can’t stop someone from expressing their speech, but is that true? In 2003, John Kitna was fined $5,000 for wearing a “baseball-style cap marked with a cross.” While that fine was later rescinded, there are many fines that haven’t. Here are 14 Crazy and Ridiculous Fines NFL Players Have Received.


“One of my biggest pet peeves is disrespect,” Ebron said after the game. “And I felt we were disrespected as an organization.

This is apparently a common theme among those disrespecting the flag, but it speaks volumes as to how out of touch the NFL is with it’s fans. NFL players have been disrespecting the American flag for months, and they didn’t have anything to say about disrespect. Until now. It’s like they’ve been ignoring their fans. It doesn’t matter if it was only a few players here and there, the NFL wasn’t doing anything about it, and it was still making people angry.

Get Back To Football

So, what’s needs to be done next? The NFL needs to put an end to this. Start issuing fines. $10,000 for the first violation, $100,000 for the next violation, and $100,000 and a game suspension for the next. Get politics out of the game so that fans from both sides–liberal and conservative–can get back to the one they share in common.

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The Deportation of Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos

A married, mother of two, illegal immigrant was deported and it’s her fault, no one else’s.

“The undocumented immigrant was detained Wednesday and deported within 24 hours to her native Mexico…

Since “undocumented immigrant” doesn’t clearly describe her status, let me: Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos committed the crime of entering the U.S. illegally in the mid-1990s at the age of 14. A more accurate term for undocumented immigrant is illegal immigrant.

Later, in 2008, she was convicted of using a fake Social Security Number (felony criminal impersonation). While it’s true that she probably wasn’t “a threat to nobody,1” it doesn’t matter. She broke the law. Twice.

Now she’ll be the face of Trump’s policy. She’ll be the face of families being torn apart, and the beginning of the attempt to blame this on Trump. The fact of the matter is, this is her fault, and her fault alone. She knew she was here illegally when she got married, and she knew she was here illegally when she had children here. She knew they were legal citizens, and she was not. She knew there was the possibility of being deported even in those circumstances, and her children would have the option of staying. That’s not love; that’s selfishness.

Unfortunately, she had help. Enablers, if you will. Sanctuary cities, and liberals who don’t give a damn about who comes across the border ILLEGALLY. States that give illegal immigrants driver’s licenses and allow them to vote in certain elections. People that gave her hope that her crime would be ignored.

I wonder though, in this particular instance, why was she the first one deported? I almost feel like this was done intentionally to show the new policy in the worst possible light. Was this another botched rollout of an Executive Order, or was Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos a pawn to get the left to, once again, come unhinged.

While it may be true that illegal immigration has not resulted in high profile terror attacks, crime is still an issue. Worse, are those caught and then released only to commit more crimes and even murder.

But crime isn’t the only problem. The financial cost to taxpayer’s is tremendous:

If we stop sending money to sanctuary cities, we’ll have more than enough to pay for the wall.

Finally, you may not like the definition of criminal, but it’s really rather simple:

a person who has committed a crime

Being here illegally is a crime. That makes all illegal immigrants criminals. And they know that. They also know illegal immigrants can be deported. This isn’t a surprise; it’s the law.

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Climate Being Harmed By Biofuels

Uh, oh. It looks as if climate alarmists are actually making things worse.

I’ve questioned the intelligence of fighting climate change (not climate change itself), and propose we adapt to it instead. I think it would be cheaper and more effective for mankind in general. Warming and cooling are part of the Earth’s natural cycles; I don’t believe man caused it, and I don’t believe man can stop it.

I do, however, believe we can make things worse, and apparently, according to a new study, we can:

“Policymakers should reconsider their support for biofuels. This issue has been debated for many years. What’s new here is that hard data, straight from America’s croplands, now confirm the worst fears about the harm that biofuels do to the planet.”

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Illegal Immigration: Yes, Punishment Is Fair

I’m going to go out on a limb here, and assume that if you’re here illegally, you know it. The law requires citizens to be documented, and if you’re “undocumented,” I’m also going to assume you know to be undocumented is to be illegal. Regardless of the reason, knowing you’re illegal means you’re intentionally breaking the law.

If I break the law, even unintentionally, I expect punishment. If I break the law, intentionally, I expect a harsher punishment.

Why should I expect a lesser punishment for you when you’re intentionally breaking the law? I don’t. I expect fair, and fair is expulsion from the club, for breaking club rules. The rules aren’t new. They’ve been in place for years. We finally have a government administration that is going to enforce them.

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Is The Election An Indicator of Change?

I don’t remember where I heard it, or maybe read it. But as a result of Trump winning the election, the accusation was leveled: People are afraid of a changing America.

Since most of the change we have seen over the last eight years has been forced by government–a top-down change–this election may actually show that people haven’t changed the way some people would like America to have changed.

For example, gay marriage was/is illegal in most states because when placed on the ballot, it was rejected by popular vote. The only reason this changed, is because Federal government overstepped its bounds and forced states to change; the Supreme Court should have refused to take the case.

So, I ask again. Has America really changed?

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Hillary Clinton Lost To Donald Trump: Here’s Why


If you think Trump was elected because of racism, bigotry, prejudice, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc., you’re living in an alternate reality. While some of these things certainly exist, it’s on a smaller scale than Democrats believe, and it wasn’t enough to swing the election. The real reason Donald Trump won is because Hillary Clinton lost.

Most everyone can agree that Donald Trump was not the ideal Republican candidate. The man is deeply flawed. But, so is Hillary Clinton. But, so are we. No one is good, not one. Whether Clinton or Trump is the better person is debatable, but in the end, what matters, is that Hillary Clinton, as a candidate, is the more deeply flawed.

How? Let me list some of the reasons:

  • Trump wants to build a wall. Whether practical or not, the message is that he will work to keep illegal immigrants out, and deport the illegal immigrants that are here. Democrat’s refusal to distinguish between legal and illegal hurt them.
  • Trump wants to temporarily ban all Muslims from entering the country. He wants to make sure they’re properly vetted. When 99% of terrorist attacks are caused by Muslims, this is common sense; Ismlorealism if you will. When a candidate refuses to acknowledge terror attacks for what they are, it shows a lack of concern for American lives and security.
  • Trumps wants to make American great again. Once upon a time, American was looked up to in the world. Now we’re frowned upon. It’s time to reverse that. Many people want a President that likes this country, instead of one who appears to not like it. They want a President to look out for the citizens of this country, after all, the position is President of the United States, not President of the United Nations.

These issues were a big deal, but should not have been. The insistence of Democrats that they have to have it all or have it all, probably helped drive voter turn-out against Hillary. Here are more reasons people didn’t vote for Hillary:

This isn’t a discussion of right or wrong. It’s simply a list of reasons Hillary lost to Donald Trump. There are more. I could go on. This is enough for now.

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Corruption Is Why Trump Needs To Jail Clinton

Apparently, Trump’s comment about Hillary being put in jail if he becomes President ruffled a few feathers. I, for one, cheered. Why? Let me put this into a little context.

We’re not talking about jailing the opposition like Hitler or Stalin, or even Putin from some of the stories I’ve heard. We’re talking about the jailing of criminals, or in this case a specific criminal. I know, she hasn’t been convicted of anything, so it’s wrong to call her a criminal. And as a Christian, I’m not taking that lightly, but I also believe there’s nothing wrong with a label that fits, because let’s face it, some labels that fit.

The thing is, Trump shouldn’t have had to bring it up. If the FBI would have done their job, and pursued charges, would she still be the Democratic nominee? Well, probably, because the DNC had worked to rig the system in her favor. Quite frankly, she should probably be in jail now.

But Hillary’s just part of the problem. The fact is, charges weren’t pursued. Why? Her husband Bill, pays a short notice visit to Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and a short time later… she’s off the hook. Because, according to a grinning Hillary Clinton, it was “a mistake.” 30,000 deleted emails were a mistake? Petty Officer 1st Class Kristian Saucier deleted one photo and is currently facing a possible 30 years in prison. How much do you want to bet, the “mistake” explanation won’t work for Saucier. That’s the Clinton Privilege.

While I hate conspiracy theories, this is a situation, where again, the label appears to fit the circumstances. There are multiple people involved, or at least it has the appearance of multiple people and they’re all Democrats, or hold Democrat sympathies (or the appearance of Democrat sympathies):

  • Hillary Clinton (Democrat Party Candidate): who appears to have broken the law
  • Bill Clinton (Former President): who appears to have influenced Loretta Lynch in a “unplanned” meeting
  • Loretta Lynch (Attorney General): who appears to have been influenced by Bill Clinton (was it Bill’s way with women?)
  • James Comey (FBI Director): who appears to have been influenced by Attorney General Loretta Lynch to not recommend charges, because, you know, she didn’t intentionally break the law.
  • The guy who set up the server: took the Fifth so as not to incriminate himself.

It’s got corruption written all over it. And people wonder why no one trusts the political class, er, government. Allowing Hillary to become President won’t fix this. She’s part of the problem! Trump’s right that a special prosecutor needs to be appointed to tackle this problem.

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Taxes Are Not the Civic Duty We Claim Them To Be

CNN reports that 8-in-10 Trump backers say paying taxes is ‘civic duty’.

Is it really? It’s certainly not the way we act as a country.

If it’s a civic duty to pay taxes, why do we create so many loopholes for the “rich” to get out of paying them? What about their fair share?

If it’s a civic duty to pay taxes, why do we create exemptions for the “poor” to get out of paying them? Are they not citizens?

If it’s a civic duty to pay taxes, remove all the loopholes and exemptions people use to get out of paying taxes. Make them pay their fair share, and when I say fair, I mean the definition of fair that we all learned when we were children. Everyone pays the same thing; the same rate. Regardless of who you are. In the eyes of the government, there should be no rich or poor, and there should be no loopholes or exemptions. That’s the only way to ensure all people pay their fair share, especially if you think it’s their civic duty.

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