PlumbLogo.pngThe Bible is a set of books that we also call the Canon, which is Greek for “measuring rod” or “standard.” In other words, the Bible/Canon is God’s measuring rod or standard; it reveals God’s plan for how we are to live a righteous life. A synonym for righteous is upright. What does a plumb line do? It measures vertical straightness, or uprightness. In other word’s, the Bible, God’s Word, is His plumb line and we can use it to measure our lives against it. We can use it to measure reality against God’s Word and see how our view of reality stacks up. If our view of reality isn’t in line with God’s plumb, then we have a problem. And I guarantee the problem isn’t with the Bible, it’s with our view of reality.

I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how modern Christians have gotten their view of the world around them. Actually, I can. We’re distracted by video games, television, the Internet, smart phones, and doing. Boredom, in today’s world is not allowed. Our time is filled from the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep. We don’t have time for the Bible. We get our theology from politicians, celebrities, media, neighbors, and friends. “What Would Jesus Do?” I bet you most people get this question wrong becuase they have no idea what Jesus would do. They think they do, based on celebrity theology, but usually when I hear, “_My_ God,” with the emphasis on _my_, it’s followed by an expression that isn’t Biblical.

I try to take Jesus everywhere I go, and involve Him in decisions I make. When I study, I ask that I get out of it what He wants me to get out of it, not what I want. Please keep me from reading in things that aren’t there. I’m not always good at these things, but that’s the goal. For the record, this includes the voting booth. Jesus is a smart guy, but He just doesn’t get it when I say, “No, you can’t come into the voting booth with me. I have to separate Church and State.”

Reflection on Plumb is my place to reflect and think out loud. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful.

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