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Month: December 2012

Gun Control Has Failed, Again

On Friday, 26 people were murdered; 20 of which were children.

I have no idea what those children look like yet, but I am continually saddened as I think of what their faces may have looked like; eyes wide with fear, crying, begging… I wonder what the shooter was thinking as he looked into each little terror-stricken face. And pulled the trigger. And then did it again. And again. Until 20 children lay dead. I am saddened each time I think of it.

I can’t help but wonder what each child was thinking as they watched a madman murder each of their classmates one by one. Maybe they were thinking, why won’t somebody make it stop? And then, my sadness turns to anger. Why the hell __didn’t__ anyone make him stop? Why was he allowed to murder this nations children, one by one. At his leisure? I’ll tell you why. Because there wasn’t anyone there to stop him. There wasn’t anyone there capable of stopping him. There wasn’t anyone there with a gun.

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Fiscal Cliff: There’s A Reason You Don’t Let Children Run the House

So the Democrats presented their idea of a good plan to divert the fiscal cliff, and Republican lawmakers laughed at it. Good! It is a joke. But Republicans had to do more than laugh. So, after the laughter died down, the Republican leadership countered with a proposal of their own, but I don’t think they got the reaction they were expecting. Not only did the Democrats and liberals put it down for being unbalanced, but conservatives attacked Republican leadership for caving.

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